A4M33VIA – Internet Application Development & Google Competition

Nice course in this winter semester from Google. It was only for 3 ECTS but every participant could apply to competition and win a Google Android phone from Samsung. The whole course was jammed into one whole day where one lesson took place after another. I had bad luck, because I was in hospital that day, so I had to read some papers on the net and learn it myself. Thanks to some of my schoolmates I got at least list of links 🙂

To pass this course everyone had to do a semester work, which could be chosen from six themes and each theme had two submissions. Two best works won that phone and I was one of them 😀 See http://otevrenainformatika.blogspot.com/2010/03/vyherci-souteze-google-vyhlasene-v.html for details about the work.

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