LaTeX TikZ BPMN 2.0 Gateways

LaTex package for drawing Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 gateways.


\usetikzlibrary{arrows, shapes, trees, positioning, decorations.markings, patterns}


\author{Jan Kubovy}
\title{BPMN Gateways}


\begin{tikzpicture}[node distance=2cm,minimum size=1cm]
  \node [Gateway,draw] (g) {};
  \node [JoinGateway,draw,right of=g] (jg) {};
  \node [SplitGateway,draw,right of=jg] (sg) {};

  \node [ParallelGateway,draw,below of=g] (pg) {};
  \node [ParallelJoinGateway,draw,right of=pg] (pjg) {};
  \node [ParallelSplitGateway,draw,right of=pjg] (psg) {};

  \node [ExclusiveGateway,draw,below of=pg] (eg) {};
  \node [ExclusiveJoinGateway,draw,right of=eg] (ejg) {};
  \node [ExclusiveSplitGateway,draw,right of=ejg] (esg) {};

  \node [InclusiveGateway,draw,below of=eg] (ig) {};
  \node [InclusiveJoinGateway,draw,right of=ig] (ijg) {};
  \node [InclusiveSplitGateway,draw,right of=ijg] (isg) {};

  \node [ComplexGateway,draw,below of=ig] (cg) {};
  \node [ComplexJoinGateway,draw,right of=cg] (cjg) {};
  \node [ComplexSplitGateway,draw,right of=cjg] (csg) {};

  \node [EventBasedGateway,draw,below of=cg] (ebg) {};
  \node [EventBasedJoinGateway,draw,right of=ebg] (ebjg) {};
  \node [EventBasedSplitGateway,draw,right of=ebjg] (ebsg) {};


Download the LaTeX package:bpmn-gateways.sty


  1. Thank you for sharing this code. I couldn’t reproduce it here. The variants “Split” and “Join” do not work.

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